Notifications for WooCommerce

Skyrocket your website conversions with live sale notifications.

Notifications for WooCommerce is the ultimate growth hack to social proof your eCommerce website. Establish your brand as credible and trustworthy by displaying real-time notifications of your website’s most recent conversions.

Notification For WooCommerce to drive sales and conversions.

A website’s conversion rate is better when online buyers are provided with information about your product’s quality and sales.

Personalize real-time notifications to display your buyer’s username, country, city, and the time they purchased a product. Every sale alert notification creates a sense of urgency for visitors; seeing how popular a product will create a fear of missing out.

Increase conversion rate and customer engagement

Real-time notifications are the perfect way to social-proof new and growing businesses to attract new customers.

Give your website the superpower to convert a higher number of existing visitors and grow revenue without spending a lot of time or money.

Build confidence with potential customers.

Showing potential customers that your brand, product, or service can be trusted is an excellent way to increase the conversion rate of your website.

Give your online sales the push it needs by showing off recent purchases and letting the numbers speak for themselves.

Personalize your notifications with styling options.

Customize your notification template with styling options and display important information like your buyer’s username, time, country, and city.

It only takes a few minutes to configure and set up. Within a few minutes, you’ll start converting visitors using the power of social proofing.

Social Proofing is a super powerful tool that speaks volumes.

Notifications based on recent purchase activity are a simple and genuine way to capture the attention of your website visitors.


Notifications for WooCommerce helps you build trust in your visitors and encourage them to purchase products before they’re out of stock.

Display real-time notifications

Increase sales conversion rate by showing real-time notifications of live purchases.

Customize the template of the notification

Create a personalized template for notifications using variables like username, title, etc.

Customize the style of the notification

Select the notification’s theme and personalize the border’s style and color. 

Show the notification of different statuses

Show notification on different order statuses like Completed, processing, etc.

Set the duration interval

Set the interval duration between real-time notifications.

Disable the “Powered by” text

Enable/disable the “Powered by” text inside the notification.

Limit the days for notifications

Define the number of notifications that will be showing (the latest).

Show the image inside the notification

Display or hide the image of the user inside the notification.

Display for products or categories

Set the notification’s display preference between products or categories.

Set the notification’s reference

Choose to show notifications on all or specific products or categories.

Choose where to display the notification

Choose to show the notification everywhere or on specific pages.

Choose who sees the notification

Set the notification visibility for logged-in, logged-out, or all users.

Set the notification’s position

Choose from different options that include: bottom (left or right) and up (left or right).

Notifications on mobile view

Display or hide notifications on the website when viewed on any mobile device

Pricing Plan

The Notifications for WooCommerce plugin comes with many great options you can choose from.

Jenny Singleton

Notification for WooCommerce is a great way to stay on top of orders and notify customers with ease. The support team is great and the setup was easy, I’m happy I found it!

Teresa Hunter

Notification for WooCommerce has been a lifesaver for our team. it’s been a great addition to our business!

Alfredo Torres

Notification for WooCommerce has been so helpful for our team. It keeps our customers notified about recent orders and top products. Definitely worth it

Single Site

$ 49.00

Easy to install & configure

Show real-time sales updates

1-year extension updates

1-year support

30-day money-back guarantee